Fenner Drives NinjaFlex 85A Filament

NinjaFlex 3D printing filament performs with an exciting combination of elongation, elasticity, and strength. Simply put, it is the stretchiest material we have ever tested. NinjaFlex comes in many colors that have a beautiful, strong sheen after being 3D printed. Like SemiFlex, NinjaFlex is a premium and high quality filament material capable of opening the door to a wide range of new applications for your LulzBot desktop 3D printer

  • Shore Hardness = 85A
  • 660% elongation allows for repeated movement and impact without wear or cracking
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This filament's soft elasticity, especially combined with the custom nature of 3D printing, make it ideal for costumes, cell phone cases, covers, grips, and thin sturdy membranes. When using hexagonal infill you can even create objects that are stiffer along one axis orientation, while the other axes remain soft and squishy. Since NinjaFlex is softer and bends more easily, extra caution needs to be taken place to avoid jams. NinjaFlex's high elasticity also requires it to be printed at lower speeds and at a larger layer height than standard filaments.

Advanced users can utilize its ability to bind to ABS to make prosthetics, live hinges, wearables, and other projects requiring flexible, complex 3D printed items.

Filament Specifications

Filament Diameter: 3mm (0.118 inches)

Amount of Filament: 0.75 kg (1.65 lbs)

Filament color may vary

Printing Specifications

Tool Head: LulzBot Aerostruder, Flexystruder or FlexyDually Tool Head

Hot End Temperature: 230°C

Print Surface:To make removing 3D printed NinjaFlex objects easier, we strongly recommend applying a glue stick (such as UHU® brand) applied to the print surface prior to powering on your LulzBot 3D printer. Maintain the print surface by powering off your LulzBot and cleaning the glue stick residue with a soft cloth and water.

Print Surface Temperature: Off

Packaging Information

NinjaFlex ships vacuum sealed and mounted on a reel.

Color Representation Disclaimer

Actual filament colors may vary from the computer monitors representation. Monitors display colors differently. We try to ensure our photos are as life-like as possible, but the actual color may vary slightly from your monitor. We cannot guarantee that the color you see accurately portrays the true color of the product.

Print Profiles

Find the most up-to-date print profiles, including hot end and print bed temperatures, by selecting your Free Software program of choice:

Cura LulzBot Edition


More Information

Manufacturer website

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Chemical Resistance Guide

$ 64 99
Product models
Filament Diameter
{"name":"Filament Diameter","values":[{"name":"1.75 mm","sku":"RM-TE0040","available":true,"selected":false,"multi_variation":true},{"name":"2.85 mm","sku":"RM-TE0004","available":true,"selected":true,"multi_variation":false}]}
Filament Weight
{"name":"Filament Weight","values":[{"name":"0.75 kg Spool","sku":"RM-TE0004","available":true,"selected":true,"multi_variation":false},{"name":"1 kg Spool","sku":"RM-TE0107","available":true,"selected":false,"multi_variation":false}]}
Filament Color
{"name":"Filament Color","values":[{"name":"Blush","sku":"RM-TE0021","available":true,"selected":false,"multi_variation":false},{"name":"Fire","sku":"RM-TE0001","available":true,"selected":false,"multi_variation":false},{"name":"Flamingo","sku":"RM-TE0005","available":true,"selected":false,"multi_variation":false},{"name":"Gold","sku":"RM-TE0012","available":true,"selected":false,"multi_variation":false},{"name":"Grass","sku":"RM-TE0007","available":true,"selected":false,"multi_variation":false},{"name":"Lava","sku":"RM-TE0006","available":true,"selected":false,"multi_variation":false},{"name":"LulzBot Green","sku":"RM-TE0027","available":true,"selected":false,"multi_variation":false},{"name":"Midnight","sku":"RM-TE0013","available":true,"selected":false,"multi_variation":false},{"name":"Neon","sku":"RM-TE0026","available":true,"selected":false,"multi_variation":false},{"name":"Sapphire","sku":"RM-TE0003","available":true,"selected":false,"multi_variation":false},{"name":"Silver","sku":"RM-TE0011","available":true,"selected":false,"multi_variation":false},{"name":"Snow","sku":"RM-TE0004","available":true,"selected":true,"multi_variation":false},{"name":"Steel","sku":"","available":false,"selected":false,"multi_variation":false},{"name":"Sun","sku":"RM-TE0009","available":true,"selected":false,"multi_variation":false},{"name":"Water","sku":"RM-TE0010","available":true,"selected":false,"multi_variation":false}]}
Filament Type
{"name":"Filament Type","values":[{"name":"NinjaFlex 85A","sku":"RM-TE0004","available":true,"selected":true,"multi_variation":false}]}

2.85 mm 0.75 kg Spool Snow NinjaFlex 85A
Fenner Drives NinjaFlex 85A Filament

Fenner Drives NinjaFlex 85A Filament

$ 64 99

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