LulzBox by Repkord (Complete RepBox Package)

The filament management system you've been waiting for!

Holds up to six 1kg spools all in an attractive LulzBot themed RepBox.

Comes in addition to your LulzBox:

  • Upgraded seal kit

  • Humidity Hunter kit

  • Wall mounting kit

Does not come with filament.

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Reversible components let you choose what color to display!

498mm Wide x 315mm High x 315mm Deep (Approximately 19" Wide x 12.5" High, 12.5" Deep)

Fully adjustable roller system. 

Comes with:

  • Sealing Kit - latch kit, sealing gaskets, seal bars, 3D printed latch plate

  • Humidity Hunter Kit - four 40g Silica Gel rechargeable desiccant cartridges, hygrometer with temperature readout

  • Wall Mounting Kit - 19" x2.75" x .75", wall cleat, 3 screws, 3 wall anchors, screw holes are spaced for 16" O.C. standard US wood stud spacing 

$ 295 00

Choose from either black or white with the reversible components and whether you want to display the green or white LulzBot logo.

LulzBox by Repkord (Complete RepBox Package)

LulzBox by Repkord (Complete RepBox Package)

$ 295 00

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