Cura LulzBot Edition 4.13 Beta

Download Cura LulzBot Edition 4.13 Beta

Current Version: 4.13.0-BETAv2.3

Downloads can be found as the experimental build on our usual download pages for each platform.

What Is It?

Cura LulzBot Edition 4.13 is the next step in the development of Cura LulzBot Edition, jumping over a full major version to come more in-line with the upstream branch of Cura. It comes with improved boot times, increased stability, and a sleek new look among other improvements! We're looking foward to sharing it with everyone, but first it needs a bit of polish. That's where the beta comes in to play!

This beta is a working version of the end product, but may still have quirks that need to be ironed out. The idea is that through community use and feedback, these issues can be found and addressed in a quicker fashion than would be possible through entirely internal testing. 

How Do I Use It?

This beta is still relatively untested, so we would not recommend using it for anything mission critical, however internally it has already proven to be quite stable when compared to our current 3.6 releases. Ideally we'd like you to use it the same way you use Cura LulzBot Edition right now! Put it through it's paces and see how it works for you!

If you encounter anything that gives you trouble, please let us know! One of the best ways to give feedback for this project would be to create an issue on our GitLab repository for Cura LulzBot Edition! Hop over there, quickly check to see if anyone else has had the same problem, and if not feel free to create one. Try to describe the issue as well as possible and feel free to include log files if the issue is more serious.

Will This Wipe My Current Cura LE 3.6 Settings?

No! Cura LulzBot Edition 4.13 is both installed and stores its configuration files in a different location from Cura LulzBot Edition 3.6, so you can install both on the same computer at the same time. However, at this time it is not currently possible to transfer your Cura LE 3.6 settings to 4.13

What Systems Does It Support?

Cura LulzBot Edition 4.13 is now supported on Windows, MacOSX, and all Linux distributions that support AppImages!