Acoustic Amplification Creations

Acoustic Amplification Creations cover

Grade: 6 - 12

Duration: ~6 hrs


Have you ever considered why acoustic guitars are louder without the use of electricity? Or why putting a phone in a glass cup makes the music playing louder? These instances are examples of manipulating and directing sound waves, something we do with our speakers, with our hands, and in our everyday lives! But can we design an acoustic device to do this intentionally?



From the soft clicking of our keyboards to the alarms and sirens of an emergency vehicle, objects create and emit sound that we can hear and recognize. As sound travels it creates a wave, shaking or vibrating. While all sound waves cause these vibrations as they travel, there are differences between them which is why we hear different sounds, tones, and volumes. Students will evaluate these sounds and how they travel to create an unplugged, acoustic device that can manipulate and change the amplification of sound waves! The concepts of amplitude, frequency, and sound can be differentiated to fit the understandings, abilities, and needs of any age group.