Fabricating Usable Tools

Fabricating Usable Tools cover

Grade: 7-12

Duration: ~6 hrs


Over the course of history, humankind has crafted tools that have literally shaped society. Tools are technology, something that makes completing a task easier and through this design challenge, students will engage with modern technology as they design, fabricate, and test tools of their own creation for a real-world task!



Through this lesson, students will consider how tools have been crafted throughout time to complete various tasks, construct cities, and form the modern world of technology and tools we rely on today! Creating a prototype of an existing tool or designing a tool specifically designed for a situation can be something that students do, from tweezers to clamps. Through their research and designed solutions, students will utilize computer aided design software, or CAD, to assist in creating a prototype solution that will be produced using modern tools, such as 3D printers.