Impression Stamps & Cylinder Seals

Impression Stamps & Cylinder Seals cover

Grade: 1 - 6

Duration: ~6 hrs


Dating back to the 4th millennium BC, stamp seals have been used to tell stories, share ideas, portray authority or security, and leave a literal mark throughout history. Through this challenge, students will be able to create their own unique impressions on time by designing and fabricating a stamp or seal of their own!



With the aid of 3D printing, students will learn about the history and importance that different methods of embossing and debossing in different eras of time. Through this lesson, we will consider variety of stamp seals created and used throughout history. From flat stamps that deboss images into clay, to cylinder seals that could be used to tell a tale or short story, or even seals that represent authority as they were used to secure documents of the highest importance.