Prototype Puzzles & Games

Prototype Puzzles & Games cover

Grade: 1 - 8

Duration: ~6 hrs


Despite the challenge, remorse, and frustration, humankind strives to partake in puzzles and games whenever we can. Nearly everyone has played a game or solved a puzzle of some kind, whether it be a strategy, mechanical, logic, or skill. In this challenge, students will not only experiment with and play different puzzle and games, but also design and fabricate their own!



Through this lesson, we will consider the many different forms of puzzles and games as we choose and design our own unique prototype solutions! Students will consider why we enjoy playing games, despite the challenges and frustration that often accompanies loss or failure when playing them.

Utilizing an engineering design process, students will research, brainstorm, design, and fabricate unique puzzles and games that they can share and play. Students' prototypes will be uniquely designed and planned while also abiding to constraints within the specifications of the design challenge. By using real-world design skills, techniques, and software, students will utilize 3D printers fabricate their puzzle and or game prototype solutions. Students will then have the opportunity to share and collaborate with their peers as they create their prototypes and test them in the real-world!