SL Tool Head (Micro) | 2.85 mm | Small Layer | 0.25 mm

Reach new layer heights for snap-fit parts and tight tolerances, or save time in post processing by using minuscule layer heights as low as 0.05 mm (50 microns) with this high-precision 3D printer head.

The LulzBot SL Tool Head is a 3D printer extruder head that is perfect for engineers, digital artists, and designers seeking a higher level of detail and surface quality. Enjoy the convenience and reliability offered by the LulzBot ecosystem including Cura LulzBot Edition software and Marlin firmware.  Featuring layer heights less than 1/30th the thickness of a penny, think small with this LulzBot 3D printer tool head.

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The LulzBot SL Tool Head features a genuine E3D Titan Aero Extruder/Hot End with a 0.25 millimeter nozzle enabling out of the box 3D printing at resolutions as low as 0.05 mm layers, or 50 microns! Advanced users can achieve even finer resolutions. This high-precision 3D printer head is currently compatible with th LulzBot Mini 2, TAZ Workhorse and TAZ Pro 3D Printers. LulzBot TAZ 5/6 and Mini 1 users will also be able to enjoy high-detail printing with the Universal Tool Head Adaptor.

A high-output centrifugal fan and quad-port cooling duct support elaborate prints with extensive bridging, cooling filament in 360-degrees before it has time to sag between points. Lightweight and compact, the SL connects quickly and easily to bring high-resolution 3D prints to your LulzBot 3D Printer. 

This tool head is intended for advanced users, and produces  precision prints with impeccable detail. Some users have asked about different aspects of its capabilities: 

What materials can be used with the LulzBot SL Tool Head? 

 You can use almost any, including flexible filaments like NinjaFlex! We STRONGLY recommend avoiding filled filaments like bronzeFill and woodFill. The particulates in these materials may be too large to pass through the nozzle. 

 Will the Z-offset need to be adjusted due to the different nozzle size? 

 For optimal first layer adhesion, you will want to adjust the Z-offset so that the nozzle tip is closer to the print surface. Follow the instructions here.

 Will I need to use an enclosure when printing with the LulzBot SL Tool Head? 

 Because the nozzle diameter is so small, print times will be longer. We recommend printing with materials engineered or naturally optimized for 3D printing, like nGen, INOVA-1800, or PLA. Alternatively, we recommend using an enclosure when printing with materials like ABS to mitigate warping/lifting.

Parts Included

One (1) LulzBot SL Tool Head (Fully Assembled, Aerostruder v2 Micro)


Required filament diameter: 2.85 mm diameter (3 mm)

Hot end temperature range: 120°C - 300°C

Filament Diameter: 2.85 mm

Nozzle Diameter: 0.25 mm

Required power system: 24 Volts

Fans: (1) 5v 40 mm heat sink cooling fan, and (1) 24v centrifugal print cooling fan

Weight: 457.8 g (1.01 lbs)

$ 305 00
  • Compatibility Alert:

    This tool head is currently compatible with the LulzBot Mini 2 3D Printer. LulzBot Mini 1, TAZ 5 & TAZ 6 users will be able to take advantage of the high-detail 3D printing capabilities with the TAZ 5/6 Universal Tool Head Adapter and the Mini 1 Universal Tool Head Adapter.

  • Discouraged Filament:

    Due to the small nozzle diameter of this 3D printer extruder head, use of abrasive or composite (wood-filled, metal-filled, etc.) filament is not recommended due to the potential risk of clogging.

SL Tool Head (Micro) | 2.85 mm | Small Layer | 0.25 mm

SL Tool Head (Micro) | 2.85 mm | Small Layer | 0.25 mm

$ 305 00

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