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NEW! OctoGrab™ Magnetic Bed system.

Remove prints easily from the PEI laminated spring steel print bed. Available for Mini 2, TAZ 6, Workhorse, and Pro.

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3D Printer Education Program.

Gettings started is easy with bundles and discounts

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Made in North Dakota, USA!

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Now Shipping! Fast setup by hand.



Choose the best 3D printing technology for your application. Learn about capabilites, hidden costs, materials options, and more.



Tutorial - 01/07/22

Project Time: 3D Print A Functional Continuity Tester

Submitted by Todd Atchison on Fri, 01/07/2022 - 17:18Ever need to make sure something on your 3D printer has actual continuity? Why not mak... Full Article
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2019 3D Printer Buyer's Guide | Compare Technologies

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Cura LulzBot Edition Installation: Windows

Submitted by orias on Tue, 06/25/2019 - 05:00 Cura LulzBot Edition is a Free Software 3D printing solution offered through our code reposit... Full Article


Announcement - 09/08/21

LulzLessons - Free Lesson Plans for Educators Now Available!

LulzBot is excited to announce the release of a new and comprehensive set of lesson plans focused on teaching STEAM aspects using 3D printin... Full Article
Announcement - 08/12/21

New LulzBot Tool Head Adds Even More 1.75mm Versatility to the LulzBot Line

FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA, USA, August 17, 2021– LulzBot® announced the availability of the LulzBot H175 Series Tool Head today. The new H175 Tool... Full Article
Announcement - 07/28/21

LulzBot TAZ SideKick Personal Desktop 3D Printer Available Now

LulzBot Releases Highly Anticipated Affordable Addition to its Award-Winning LineFARGO, NORTH DAKOTA, USA, July 28, 2021 – LulzBot® recently... Full Article
Announcement - 06/24/21

LulzBot Updates Pricing on Universal Tool Heads.

FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA, USA, JUNE 24, 2021 - The easiest to use mounting system in the 3D world just got a little bit more attainable. LulzBot ... Full Article
Announcement - 03/26/21

Coming Soon

Click to watch our newest 3D printer video!'Coming Soon' VideoSubscribe to learn about LulzBot’s new products! ➡ Click HEREAbout LulzBo... Full Article
Announcement - 03/01/21

OctoGrab™ Magnetic Flex bed upgrade kit

FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA, USA, March 1, 2021 – LulzBot® is happy to release the OctoGrab™ Magnetic Flex Bed upgrade kit. Adding the LulzBot OctoG... Full Article

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