For STEM Educators, CNC Operators, Small Business Owners, Military Personnel, or Professional Artists: 

LulzBot Delivers the Perfect 3D Printer for Your Needs.

What can you do with a LulzBot?

Our legendary 3D printers are making their mark, from elementary classrooms to cutting-edge space labs. Discover your LulzBot's perfect role today!


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In the News

Meet the Mini 3: Rapid, Robust, & Reimagined!

Fast speeds, advanced connectivity, and reliable features make this 3D printer ideal for any setting. LulzBot Mini 3 available now!

Racquet Science: 3D Print Your Own Pickleball Paddle (Free STLs)

Volley into summer with LulzBot! 3D print your custom pickleball paddle with LulzBot TAZ Pro Long Bed. Perfect for casual fun and showing off your creativity. Free stl files included!

Reinventing the Camera: Pinhole Photography in the Age of 3D Printing

Achieve 1000s of 3D Prints with a LulzBot Print Farm!

Turn-key LulzBot Print Farms optimize large-scale 3D printing with walls of printers, efficient AutoFarm3D™ software, and secure data management. Featuring a robust, customizable design and full-service setup, it's the ideal solution for advanced 3D printing needs. LulzBot Print Farms are now ready for order!

Redefining Reliability: The Upgraded TAZ Workhorse+

Whether you're already a LulzBot user or starting to produce 3D printed parts for the first time, the Workhorse+ offers a straightforward and simple 3D printing experience . With the Meteor 285, magnetic flex bed, new firmware, and runout sensor you get more convenience, ease of use, and reliability.

Love by Layers: 3D Printing a Valentine's Rose

This Valentine's Day, we're sharing a unique and effective post-processing technique for crafting a Valentine's Rose, hoping to inspire your own DIY heat-formed gift.

Exploring New Frontiers in 3D Printing: The Galaxy Series

Explore new frontiers with LulzBot's Galaxy Series. These five cutting-edge Tool Heads have been engineered to offer unparalleled reliability and versatility.