3D Printers for Education

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LulzLessons are engineering standards-rich STEAM lesson plans complete with educator overviews, student worksheets, design file, grading rubrics, and more!

Career Readiness

It is commonly said the job you may have in ten years doesn’t exist yet today. By exposing students to LulzBot 3D printing, you are future-proofing them for the world of tomorrow.

Unparalleled Engagement

Once students and faculty start using their LulzBots and amazing transformation occurs. Ideas begin to flourish, questions are asking, and classrooms & labs overflow with an excited energy.

Hands-On Experience

It is an incredible feeling to be able to hold something that you made in your hands and share with those around you. This boosts confidence and provides a critical development experience for students.

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Let us demonstrate the incredible geometries and functional designs possible with a LulzBot 3D printer firsthand. 

We are confident that our machine's ability to make engaging and educational prints will have you choosing LulzBot for all your applications.

Trusted By

U.S. Air ForceU.S. ArmyUSDANDSUHarmony Public SchoolsMichigan TechMayo ClinicLake Area Technical CollegeTesla
U.S. Air ForceU.S. ArmyUSDANDSUHarmony Public SchoolsMichigan TechMayo ClinicLake Area Technical CollegeTesla

Why LulzBot?

You know you are in good hands with LulzBot American-Made 3D printers thanks to our unwavering commitment to:


LulzBot 3D printers run for years of use, some machines even hit 850 days of print time plus! Combined with easy serviceability and accessible replacement parts, our machines will not let you down.


When you have a print job that needs to get done, one piece or one thousand, LulzBot printers maintain identical results from print to print.


Whether it's producing 50 micron prints accurately or delivering a large layer carbon fiber print in-situ, LulzBot machines are built to take what you throw at them.


We are here to help you with your challenges and celebrate your successes. At LulzBot we believe people make the difference.

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Our helpful and friendly sales team will assist you with any questions you may have about our 3D printers. Book a demo with our team to get started today!

Education Bundles



The LulzBot Education Starter Bundle offers your students everything they need to transform any instructional space into a makerspace with unlimited possibilities!

Through the LulzBot Education Classroom Bundle, you will receive a collection of resources that can create limitless industry-connected experiences for your students right in your very own instructional space!