3D Printers for Creatives

Creative Freedom

3D printing opens the doors to endless possibilities for creating organically complex forms, molds, applique, lithography, historical recreation, and more.


From a wide range of build volumes to a wider range of Tool Heads, LulzBot 3D printers are capable of meeting the needs for any project.

Solutions for You

Eager about 3D printing but not sure if it aligns with your goals? Our helpful sales team will listen to you and help determine if LulzBot products will benefit you

The Perfect Tool

A LulzBot 3D printer is the perfect tool to complete any work bench, shop, or studio.

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Let us demonstrate the incredible geometries and functional designs possible with a LulzBot 3D printer firsthand. 

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Why LulzBot?

You know you are in good hands with LulzBot American-Made 3D printers thanks to our unwavering commitment to:


LulzBot 3D printers run for years of use, some machines even hit 850 days of print time plus! Combined with easy serviceability and accessible replacement parts, our machines will not let you down.


When you have a print job that needs to get done, one piece or one thousand, LulzBot printers maintain identical results from print to print.


Whether it's producing 50 micron prints accurately or delivering a large layer carbon fiber print in-situ, LulzBot machines are built to take what you throw at them.


We are here to help you with your challenges and celebrate your successes. At LulzBot we believe people make the difference.

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Recommended Bundles

LulzBot has the tools you need to create your additive manufacturing goals. Whether you want to create minute designs, large scale sculptures, metal castings, or multi-material masterpieces. With our plethora of build volumes, Tool Heads, and open-source design you are the only limiter in your creative aspirations.

A premium 0.25 mm E3D hot end combined with the innovative belt driven Z-axis on the LulzBot Mini 2 allows you to create flawless looking prints, high-detail designs, small components, and objects with tight tolerances using this high-detail 3D printer bundle.

Investment casting enables designs to be finished in a wide range of product materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, gold, silver, and bronze. Create unique 3D printed patterns perfect prototyping, low volume production, and custom solutions.