3D Printed Jack-O-Mojis


Grab your favorite black cat, your trusty broken mirror, and join us on the 13th floor. Let's do some 3D printing crafts and 3D print our own jack-o-mojis!

Items Needed

Pumpkin or similar decorative squash.

3D printer

Filament (we used ABS,PLA, and INOVA-1800)

Pumpkin carving knife

Freely licensed emoji (see below)

3D Print, Assemble, and Smile

  1. 3D print your emoji pumpkin decorations.
  2. Hollow out your desired gourd. Save the seeds for roasting later.
  3. Position the 3D-printed decorations and gently push against the gourd to mark the mounting location.
  4. Score the pumpskin or cut a hole slightly smaller than the mounting peg.
  5. Firmly push each piece into position.
  6. Place strategically to help keep frowns and bad luck at bay.

Smiling Heart Eyes




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