Redefining Reliability: The Upgraded TAZ Workhorse+

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Building on a legacy of reliability, the TAZ Workhorse+ elevates your 3D printing experience with its upgraded capabilities. It retains the useful features of its predecessor— innovative belted z-axes, automatic bed calibration, and high-quality components—while introducing game-changing upgrades. Key among these are the Blue Spring Steel Magnetic build plate system and the intuitive Meteor 285 Tool Head, designed for unparalleled ease of use and performance. Coinciding with the launch of our groundbreaking Galaxy Series Tool Heads, which are redefining printing standards, the TAZ Workhorse+ is meticulously engineered to meet both your current and future printing needs, delivering features that promise to enhance every print job. Let's explore the upgrades that set this machine apart.

What’s New?

The Meteor 285 Tool Head

LulzBot’s new standard for reliability and versatility. The Meteor 285 continues LulzBot's tradition of excellence in 2.85mm printing, offering an industry-leading flexible 3D printing experience for flexible materials such as TPU. The green lever takes the guesswork out of tensioning so you know exactly how to set it every time, for every material. Each Meteor features a Direct-Drive extruder with Dual-Drive steel gears feeding a Nickel-Plated Hardened Copper Alloy Hotend and CFD-analyzed 360° part cooling fan shroud.


Magnetic Flex Bed v2

Instead of struggling to remove parts directly from your 3D printer, you can now quickly remove the entire OctoGrab™ spring steel PEI sheet from the print bed along with your finished 3D printed part. Take your magnetic OctoGrab™ spring steel print surface and the finished part to a comfortable work area, bend the flexible OctoGrab™ spring steel bed in any direction, and your 3D print should release from the smooth PEI surface with ease.

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Built-In Runout Sensor
Never worry about failed prints due to filament breaks or filament runout again. The built-in filament runout sensor is great for any individual seeking reassurance that their print will succeed. With automatic pause and idle nozzle heating time-out, your prints will be safe from filament runout or breaks and your 3D printer will be ready for you to resume your print job.

Improved Firmware Features
Firmware enhancements streamline operations, improve print quality and offer a more intuitive user interface. With optimized heating logic, movement control, perfected backlash values, and the new 'Present Bed' function, experience reliable, high-quality prints every time.
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Reliability Redefined: the TAZ Workhorse+

Whether you're already a LulzBot user or starting to produce 3D printed parts for the first time, the Workhorse+ offers a straightforward and simple 3D printing experience . With the Meteor 285, magnetic flex bed, new firmware, and runout sensor you get more convenience, ease of use, and reliability. Priced at $2,995 this machine is ready to produce parts for years to come, just click print!

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