Achieve 1000s of 3D Prints with a LulzBot Print Farm!

Are you interested in producing thousands of 3D printed parts? LulzBot offers the ideal solution for managing your print jobs and 3D printers on a large scale. Introducing the LulzBot Print Farm: a comprehensive platform capable of managing and housing more than 64 printers, utilizing the new AutoFarm3D™ software. This software boosts job queuing, monitors data in real-time, and generates precise business reports.

At first glance, you will notice the durable frame of powder-coated aluminum and see-though polycarbonate panels. It’s built tough for workshop environments but maintains an organized look for tours or office settings. One standout innovation is our Slide-Nest™ Doors, designed with convenient function to minimize the system’s footprint without the need for swinging doors which can introducing drafts. Each door is spring-loaded for rapid opening or closing based on printing material needs. Standard features of the print farm include LulzBot TAZ Pro 3D Printers, LED lighting, upgraded filament holders, and independent environmental sensors for each printing chamber. The LulzBot Print Farm System is fully customizable to meet specific client requirements.

Print Farm Installed.jpg

To further cater to client needs, the LulzBot Print Farm offers customization options. For instance, adjustments to shelf height and viewing panes can accommodate up to two TAZ Pro XT units or two TAZ Pro Long Bed machines, allowing for larger build volumes. The bottom shelf is cleverly designed for enclosed storage, providing a designated area for filament and tools. Each Print Farm benefits from full-service installation, system commissioning, and deliver in-depth on-site training by our experts, ensuring a smooth integration into your production workflow.

College Install.jpg

At the core of the LulzBot Print Farm is the AutoFarm3D™ software, specially developed to manage a growing farm of 3D printers efficiently. Designed by 3DQue to work seamlessly with LulzBot TAZ Pro 3D printers, it reduces manual intervention and maximizes productivity. Relay Nodes connect each printer to the Control Station—the system's "brain"—which monitors every printer in real time for instant status updates, facilitating rapid decision-making. The software includes shared file management to prevent version control issues and a centralized queue system for prioritized dispatch, maximizing printer uptime. Operating locally, AutoFarm3D™ ensures data security without the need for cloud transfers, incorporating Wi-Fi components within a secure intranet environment for enhanced user control.


LulzBot Print Farms are now available for order, offering an optimized solution for the mass production of thousands of 3D printed parts with ease of use and scalability in mind. For more information on turn-key LulzBot Print Farms or to customize your own, please contact us at 701-809-0800 ext 1 or email today.

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