Boost Your STEAM Engagement This Year

It’s that time of year when educators and students return to school, opening doors to new opportunities and fresh lessons. LulzBot’s educational specialists are here with valuable experience to ensure your 3D printing setup is a success!

Curious about increasing your school's print farm or need somewhere to get started? They’ll help you determine what would be most beneficial to you and your students and make sure everything your purchase is compatible together. Offering guidance on bundles, machines, accessories, materials, and lesson plans.

The Education Starter Bundle, perfect for those looking to jumpstart 3D printing in their STEAM curriculum. This bundle includes a Mini 2 3D printer with extended One Year warranty, an ABS+ Enclosure, bottle of 3D Gloop!, and a plethora of colorful PLA and TPU filaments. For the month of September when you consult with a LulzBot education specialist you’ll also receive a $200 gift Mini 2 ABS+ enclosure for every purchase of the Education Starter Bundle!


LulzBot also offers the Education Classroom Bundle. This bundle comes with 3 printers; a TAZ Workhorse, two Mini 2’s, ABS+ enclosures for all printers to keep curious hands away from hot and moving components, an additional SE Tool Head, a bottle of 3D Gloop!, plethora of colorful PLA and TPU filaments, and a One-Year warranty on all printers.

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"I have continued to be amazed at the creativity, curiosity, and innovation our students have achieved through creation and prototyping with the LulzBot 3D Printers in our makerspace! The consistency and support from LulzBot has made achieving these goals realistically manageable while opening up so many incredible opportunities and lessons that have shaped our programs.” - Jason Erdreich - 6-8 Technology, Engineering, & Design Educator - Madison, NJ

“As one of only a handful of publicly available 3D printing shops at the University of Illinois, our LulzBot 3D Printers give us the advanced capabilities of the TAZ 5, TAZ Pro and TAZ Pro XT to support the innovative printing needs of faculty and students across our institution. I truly believe our printers help democratize access to rapid prototyping to prepare our faculty and students for a future of design learning."
- Elisandro Cabada - Director, Grainger IDEA Lab at University of Illinois

Still looking for an easy way to incorporate 3D printing this year? LulzBot’s completely free lesson plans are suitable for all ages, encouraging thoughtful and fun engagement in STEAM! Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is an ever-evolving and expanding tool in many career paths. Preparing your students by incorporating LulzLessons is easy. Each LulzLesson encourages students to utilize interdisciplinary skills with a range of topics and grade levels to suit any instructional environment.

LulzLessons currently has 10 lessons to choose from. Covering topics such as electronics, computer aided design, acoustics, problem solving, aerodynamics, sustainability, and so much more. All lessons comply with many ITEEA, NGSS, ISTE, and CCSS academic standards ensuring an empowering rigor of curricula and knowledge.

Make sure you make the most of 3D printing this year in your classroom! Contact an educational specialist for more information.