COVID-19 LulzBot User Community Response

All over the world during the spring of 2020, thousands of LulzBot 3D printer users dropped everything to print face shields, masks, ear savers and more to help support their communities in the front line fight against the spread of COVID-19. At LulzBot, we know this is what 3D printing technology is all about.

Thanks to all of you who have put your LulzBot 3D printers to work making PPE. You have contributed to the safety of your community and shown the world that 3D printing is for much more than just printing toys and trinkets. We are honored that you have put your trust in LulzBot 3D printers to meet this challenge.

About LulzBot®

LulzBot is the US-based designer and manufacturer of the award-winning line of LulzBot 3D Printers for rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, educators, and hobbyists. For more information, visit LulzBot.com/.

LulzBot is registered trademark of FAME 3D.

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