Exploring New Frontiers in 3D Printing: The Galaxy Series

A Glimpse Beyond Our World

Humans have gazed up at the stars in wonder since the dawn of time, pondering our place in the cosmos. This pursuit of knowledge has driven technological advancements throughout history. At LulzBot, we have been equally inspired to 'reach for the stars' with our newest lineup of Tool Heads. 

Introducing the Galaxy Series - our latest contribution to the 3D printing universe! Each Tool Head has been carefully designed to propel us into a new era of 3D printing, pioneering functionality while maintaining compatibility with existing machines. The Galaxy Series promises our most user-friendly experience to date, featuring no-guesswork filament tensioning, a compact form factor, quieter operation, and faster LulzBot printing speeds than ever before. Within the Galaxy Series, there are three distinct models and a total of five new Tool Heads.

Galaxy Series family photo.jpg


A New Standard: The Meteor

Serving as the cornerstone of the Galaxy Series, the Meteor models offer unparalleled reliability and versatility. Users are presented with the option of 1.75mm or 2.85mm filament compatibility, each tailored to specific printing needs. The Meteor 175 capitalizes on the most popular filament diameter, providing access to a wide variety of materials and color options. Meanwhile, the Meteor 285 continues LulzBot's tradition of excellence in 2.85mm printing, offering an industry-leading flexible 3D printing experience for materials such as TPU. Crafted with precision, each Meteor features Dual Drive Gears, Direct-Drive extruder feeding a Nickel-Plated Hardened Copper Alloy Hotend and CFD-verified 360° part cooling fan shroud. The cleverly engineered hotend allows for one-handed nozzle swaps without the need for heat-tightening, making the process a breeze! Each Meteor Tool Head will be compatible with factory nozzles ranging from 0.3mm to 0.8mm, available in a convenient kit with specialized torque tool, to be released later in Q1 2024.

LGX 175 a 2.jpg


Galactic-Sized Output: The Asteroid 285

Living up to its name, the Asteroid 285 boasts massive features: a factory nozzle size of 1.2mm, upgradeable to 2.4mm via a kit, 100W of heating power, and the ability to achieve layer heights exceeding 0.9mm right out of the box! Tailored for users seeking large volume, high-flow printing, the Asteroid features upgraded abrasive-resistant GammaMaster® nozzles from Slice Engineering and is capable of producing well over 200g/hr without breaking a sweat! Enhanced with the Magnum+ hot end and a Convection Shield, this Tool Head ensures optimal heat retention and precise temperature control. You can find the Asteroid 285 perfectly filling the large build volumes of our TAZ Pro Long Bed and TAZ Pro XT+ printers as the factory default.

Asteroid a.jpg


Seeing Double: The Twin Nebula

At LulzBot, we have been producing dual extruders for close to a decade. With each model we have designed, tested, and improved them to incorporate the best hardware and materials for great performance. Our experience has culminated in our latest innovation: a compact, feature-rich, linear actuating Tool Head that integrates the best of our technologies. With the extruders' effortless tensioning and dual drive gears, we've significantly reduced the risk of clogs while making them easier to use. The Twin Nebula 285 emerges as a premier choice for dual material printing, especially if one of the dual materials is a flexible, like TPU. The Twin Nebula 175 marks a milestone in LulzBot history as it is the first time we have offered a factory 1.75mm dual extruder option. Like its predecessor, the TAZ Pro Dual Extruder, the Twin Nebula Tool Heads come equipped with linear actuators delivering enhanced calibration and built-in inactive nozzle retraction for crisp dual-material prints. Please watch for the Twin Nebula Dual Extruder models to be released on the website in Q1 of 2024. If you wish to place your order sooner, please reach out to sales@lulzbot.com for assistance

twin nebula 285.jpg


Exploring New Frontiers

The new Galaxy Series embodies LulzBot’s spirit of innovation while delivering reliability, repeatability, and performance for the next era of 3D printing. Catering to a diverse range of needs – from printing with a plethora of flexible or rigid polymers, to offering a choice between 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter filaments, and even producing massive layer or dual-material prints – the Galaxy Series Tool Heads excel at making your missions a success. We invite you to explore these new possibilities and ponder the cosmos with us, where cutting-edge technology and creative vision lead to remarkable advancements. Join us on this journey to unlock the full potential of your ideas with the Galaxy Series Tool Heads!