Introducing the LulzBot TAZ 4 3D Printer

Today we are proud of announce the launch of the LulzBot TAZ 4 3D printer! This is the latest generation of TAZ, our flagship desktop 3D printer.

TAZ 1 was first launched in May 2013, making this the sixth generation in a single year. We believe the rapid pace of innovation embodied in this 3D printer stands as a testament to the value of Libre / Open Source Hardware product development.

We want to acknowledge the accomplishments of the RepRap 3D printer community, as well as others in the open source 3D printer community, for collaborating with us in bringing the latest in 3D printing technology to the market.

If you are wondering, 'What are the differences the between TAZ 3 and TAZ 4?' then wait no more! Here's a quick list of the major improvements:

  1. Re-Engineered Drive Rod System: We improved 3D print quality, especially the first few layers of your print, by upgrading the twin Z-axis rods without sacrificing the fast 3D printer capabilities you expect.
  2. Improved Y-Axis Mounts: You will have easier set up than ever with new Y-axis bed mounts. We expect you will be printing in under half an hour.
  3. New 400 Watt Power Supply: Your LulzBot now has more power than ever, enough to power a wide range of new LulzBot accessories and add-ons.
  4. Fully Assembled Electronics Case: The fully assembled electronics case means you can easily upgrade to the forthcoming line of dual extruders that we will be introducing this summer, so you can 3D print with multiple materials, or multiple colors, at once.
  5. Extruder Fan Comes Standard: An extruder fan comes standard with every TAZ 4 3D printer. This allows for crisper corners and finer definitions allowing for low cost, high resolution desktop 3D printing.

Want to learn more? We walk through these new features and show the machine off in the following product launch YouTube video:

We are making Libre / Open Source 3D printers in Loveland, Colorado and are ready to ship them wherever you are around the world. So what are you waiting for? Here's where to buy a LulzBot 3D printer today!