Introducing the TAZ Pro Long Bed - Maximize Your Y-axis!

We are excited to officially launch our newest 3D printer, the TAZ Pro Long Bed, a long-awaited addition to the TAZ Pro Platform. Thanks to its impressive build volume of 282 x 582 x 285mm, this machine stands out with over double the build volume of a standard TAZ Pro! Not only does the Long Bed offer significantly larger printing capabilities, it also delivers the reliability, repeatability, and performance that LulzBot is known for.


Asteroid with BL Touch.jpg
BLTouch® Leveling and Asteroid 285 Tool Head 

Building upon the TAZ Pro platform, the Long Bed introduces crucial upgrades for an next-level 3D printing experience. The factory BLTouch® sensor performs a 32-point mesh bed leveling before prints, providing an accurate and solid foundation for successful prints. This is complemented by the Asteroid 285 Tool Head featuring dual heater cartridges delivering high-volumetric material flow through a 1.2mm GammaMaster™ nozzle (upgradeable to 2.4mm with Asteroid Nozzle Kit).


long bed mag flex hand square.jpg
Blue Spring Steel Magnetic Flex Bed System

The Long Bed also boasts a machined aluminum magnetic bed with Laminated PEI blue spring steel top sheet, offering a durable and flexible alternative to traditional glass beds. Equipped with neodymium magnets, it securely holds the flexible print sheet while allowing for easy removal. The inclusion of an Improved Filament Runout and Stripping Sensor adds another layer of reliability, especially for extended prints, by monitoring filament to prevent interruptions from various filament mishaps.


jetpack on printer.jpg
Improved Filament Runout and Stripping Sensors



The TAZ Pro Long Bed capabilities are a significant addition to the desktop 3D printing scene, making it a competent companion for small businesses and industrial players looking to increase their large scale 3D printing. If reliability, repeatability, and performance are priorities for your 3D printing goals, look no further that the LulzBot TAZ Pro Long Bed!




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