LulzBot and Mosaic Manufacturing announce the Palette 2S Pro kit.

Unlock your 3D printing potential with the most reliable multi-material printing experience.

We are excited to announce that LulzBot 3D Printers and Mosaic Manufacturing are launching a new LulzBot Palette 2S Pro kit that allows LulzBot users to have access to multi-material printing! With this new kit, select 2.85mm LulzBot printers can now print with 1.75mm filament and the LulzBot Palette 2S Pro kit.

Many LulzBot users are looking at the benefits of printing with 1.75mm filament.  More options for materials, more precision for high detail printing and reduced force required for extrusion are all reasons LulzBot owners may desire to switch over to a 1.75mm tool head.  The Palette 2S Pro makes the transition easy with all the parts included in the kit and step by step instructions for your LulzBot Adaptor Kit L.

The LulzBot Palette 2S Pro Kit comes with:

Mosaic Palette 2S Pro

The Palette 2S Pro system splices together 4 different filaments and feeds them into a single continuous line in your existing LulzBot single extruder toolhead allowing complex multi-material prints with only minimal modification.  Comes with the Splice Core S Pro machined from aerospace grade aluminum and a long list of spare parts to keep you printing.

Mosaic CANVAS Hub S

The CANVAS Hub S connects your Palette to your LulzBot and to Octoprint meaning that your file transfer is seamless (no more SD cards!) CANVAS Hub S allows you to remotely monitor your print using an optional external webcam.


CANVAS gives you modern cloud based slicing.

Slice, paint, stamp, manage, and share your files from the cloud.  CANVAS allows you to create, store, and print content in a way no other platform can.

  • Slice:

    CANVAS saves print time and material with features such as infill transition, and more. With industry leading print quality.
  • Paint:

    Selecting an STL in CANVAS brings up tools that allow you to digitally paint color onto each of the triangles in your model. Apply color directly to your single file 3D models by digitally painting in CANVAS.
  • Stamp:

    Stamping allows you to take a simple single color model and stamp color patterns on the surface of the model. For example, take a model of a leopard and stamp leopard spots on it. Now you have realistic prints with more depth.  Personalize your prints. Quickly add names, graphics, branding and logos directly to the surface of models.
  • Manage and share:

    Share, Save, organize, and track your print settings and models in the cloud. See the models and settings you’ve printed with, and share your files with the world.
  • Flexibility:

    Continue to use your favorite offline slicer with your Palette 2S Pro.

Available on the LulzBot store, get your Palette 2S Pro Kit today.

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