LulzBot Announces re-release of improved Dual Extruder v3.1

FARGO, ND, USA — LulzBot announces the re-release of the LulzBot TAZ Dual Extruder v3. The improved design of the Dual Extruder v3.1 now features better heat dissipation at the heat sink for superior print quality and reliability.

In early 2020, LulzBot ended the production of the popular Dual Extruder V3 to address customer complaints. LulzBot engineers began a thorough design review to address frequent jamming and other issues by using several technologies at their disposal, including FLIR and airflow analysis. In the analysis, it was discovered that the fan was inadequately transferring heat from the heat sink, causing the filament to soften prematurely in the feed path resulting in jamming and inconsistent filament feeding.

The redesigned fan mount that resulted from the analysis enables the Dual V3.1 to cool the unibody heatsink more efficiently, reducing heat creep and jamming.

Dual material printing on the TAZ 5/6 just got easier!  Simply install the redesigned Dual Extruder v3.1 tool head and accessories, quickly flash the firmware with Cura LulzBot Edition, and start printing.


Dual Extruder v3.1 redesign

The Dual Extruder v3.1 comes with everything you need to install on your LulzBot TAZ 5/6, including an extra-wide wiper pad mount that enables your Dual Extruder v3.1 to work flawlessly with LulzBot self-cleaning and self-leveling technology.

This trusty tool head is now even more prepared to utilize dedicated support material like PVA, which dissolves and separates in water, freeing you to focus on the function of your design rather than on how to make it 3D printable.


Current owners of the Dual Extruder v3 tool head will benefit from a quick and easy installation of the available LulzBot v3.1 Conversion Kit.  Upgrade your existing Dual Extruder v3 to get the improved reliability and efficiency of the v3.1 redesign today!

v3.1 Conversion Kit Set-Up Instructions

This dual filament extruder does not require nozzle leveling or offset calibration and features improved heat sink and part cooling. With hassle-free hardware, integrated software, and water-soluble support material, who knew geometric freedom could be this easy?

For a limited time, if you purchase a brand new Dual Extruder v3.1 from LulzBot.com, you will receive a free spool of PolyDissolve S1! Offer expires 10/23/2020.

About LulzBot

Your Imagination Built by LulzBot®.  LulzBot was founded in January 2011 in Loveland, Colorado.  In 2019, LulzBot became part of FAME 3D and is now headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota, USA, where we develop, manufacture, and support the award-winning line of LulzBot 3D Printers for rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, educators, and hobbyists. For more information, visit LulzBot.com.

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