LulzLessons - Free Lesson Plans for Educators Now Available!

LulzBot is excited to announce the release of a new and comprehensive set of lesson plans focused on teaching STEAM aspects using 3D printing in the classroom!

Click here to view or download the lesson plans.

The new lesson plans are free to download for educators. They were designed for students in a broad range of grades.

3D printing is an ever-evolving and expanding tool in our modern world. Prepare your students by incorporating our free and easy to use lesson plans! Teach students about renewable energy, smart storage solutions, castle crushing catapults, and more all with the aid of 3D printing.

Each lesson plan conforms to many ITEEA, NGSS, ISTE, and CCSS criteria! Complete with rubrics, handouts, and many other resources! This builds upon knowledge students learn in other classes and day-to-day interactions they may see throughout the world.

Each LulzLesson consists of the following elements: 

  • Complete, easy to follow, engaging, and interactive lesson plans - each of which includes an overarching goal, specific directions, assessment recommendations, and a set of tools and resources.  
  • Student one page brief printable covering the problem, the challenge, safety, the engineering design process and brainstorming.
  • Technical drawing and thumbnail sketch printables.
  • Rubric with designated criteria to measure progress towards lesson goals.
  • Engineering design process printable poster for the classroom.

More LulzLessons are in the works, so check back soon! We plan on adding even more LulzLessons over the next few months.

We would like to thank the 2019 Madison Public School District Educator of the Year, Mr. Jason Erdreich for making this project possible. Mr. Erdreich is an exemplary educator in STEAM thanks to his passion for 3D printing. In addition to being named Educator of the Year, Mr. Erdreich has earned other awards like the Middle School Teaching Excellence from ITEEA in 2019, and the Mazda Heroes Award for his 3D printing efforts during the 2020 Covid Pandemic.  LulzBot is excited to develop resources for educators in partnership with someone as passionate about the next generation of inventors and creators as we are.

We also extend our appreciation to the educators who reviewed and provided feedback on previous drafts of the lesson plans.

LulzLessons Lesson Plans


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