Make Moves: 3D Print Your Own Longboard

This fully functional 3D Printed longboard is just the start. Tweak the model to make it your own, follow the steps below, and lean into the curves as you explore the possibilities of functional design on four wheels.


What You'll Need



There are just five easy steps to make your own longboard!

Step 1:

3D print the four sections of the longboard deck.

Threaded rod fit may vary depending on the filament and profile used; some post processing may be necessary. Perform a partial print to test the fit before printing all the parts.

Step 2:

Cut 2x 3/8' threaded rods to 700mm to support the sides of the longboard. Then cut 1x 3/8' threaded rod to 820mm for the middle.

Step 3:

Assemble 3D printed deck sections onto threaded rods. Push each section on one at a time.

Step 4:

Loosely attach 4x 3/8' nylock nuts and washers to the threaded rods. Then slowly tighten the nylock nuts with a wrench to bring the sections together. This step may be easier with another person holding on the other end.

Step 5:

Attach trucks and wheels with skateboard truck mounting hardware.



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