New M175 Tool Head brings 1.75 mm filament to LulzBot customers

FARGO, ND, USA—LulzBot announces the release of  the new LulzBot M175 Tool Head. This long-awaited hardware upgrade opens the world of 1.75mm materials to LulzBot 3D printers.  Adding 1.75mm capability to the existing line of 2.85mm Tool Heads gives LulzBot users the freedom to specify the filament diameter that works best for their specific printing application.  Slice Engineering, a technology leader in development of advanced 3D printer components, has agreed to provide key components for the new tool head. 

M175 Tool Head

The M175 Tool Head is available for pre-order now and is expected to ship mid-August.  The M175 comes standard with the highest performance components available for desktop 3D printers, including the famous Mosquito Hotend® and brand new Bridgemaster™ nozzles from Slice Engineering®, as well as the BMG Extruder from Bondtech. As with all of LulzBot’s new tool heads, the M175 has been designed with the Universal Tool Head System, making it a drop in upgrade for the current line of LulzBot 3D printers - the Mini 2, TAZ Workhorse and TAZ Pro.  LulzBot Mini 1, TAZ 5 & TAZ 6 users can add this tool head with the TAZ 5/6 Universal Tool Head Adapter and the Mini 1 Universal Tool Head Adapter.


M175 Airflow

The new fan duct has been designed for maximum efficiency using airflow analysis to ensure even 360° part cooling. The fan duct also provides a clear view of the printing surface so you can inspect layer quality during printing.

The LulzBot M175 Tool Head offers a high degree of accuracy for high print quality for aesthetic applications and tight tolerances for engineering and prototyping. Free and Open Source Cura LulzBot Edition software hosts a wide range of pre-configured material profiles for out out-of-the-box, high-precision 3D printing.

About LulzBot

Your Imagination Built by LulzBot®.  LulzBot was founded in January 2011 in Loveland, Colorado.  In 2019, LulzBot became part of FAME 3D and is now headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota, USA, where we develop, manufacture, and support the award-winning line of LulzBot 3D Printers for rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, educators, and hobbyists. For more information, visit LulzBot.com.


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