Racquet Science: 3D Print Your Own Pickleball Paddle (Free STLs)

Summer is right around the corner and there's no better time to dive into a new pastime! 

Pickleball has become a worldwide phenomenon over the past few years, largely due to its fun gameplay and accessibility. Express yourself on the court with a custom paddle made using 3D printing! With the LulzBot TAZ Pro Long Bed printer we made our very own custom paddles, but you could design a paddle that's lighter, larger, accessibility-minded, or uniquely colored. 

pickeball double.jpg

Feel free to use our free stl files (link below) or create your own design for a truly one-of-a-kind piece of equipment. While 3D printed paddles might not meet the official regulations, they're perfect for some casual fun with friends this summer. Embrace a blend of technology and sport to showcase your creativity on the court with your very own 3D printed pickleball paddle!

long bed flex - Copy.jpg Printer Used : LulzBot TAZ Pro Long Bed

Filament_Small_100x100.jpg Filament Used : Polymaker PolyLite PETg, True Black, 2.85mm
Download_Icon_Scaled_For_Spacing.pngSTL File - Free Download : Pickleball Paddle