Review of TAZ SideKick 3D Printer for Tabletop Gaming

Variance Hammer

“If I was Looking at a 3D printer for a wargaming club, game store, or other setting where a solidly built, easy to clean machine has its appeal, this is where I'd turn to.”

- Eric of Variance hammer

a LulzBot SideKick 747 printing wargaming terrain

If you still need convincing on what it means to have a 3D printer “that just works”, Eric of Variance Hammer, an avid tabletop and 3D printing hobbyist, has had the opportunity to review both the TAZ SideKick 747 and TAZ SideKick 289 individually. 3D Printing with each machine extensively over the course of a few months. His reviews cover insights about each 3D printer and why you may choose either the SideKick 747 or SideKick 289 for your tabletop gaming application.

If you’d like to read his full review of the SideKick 747 you can find it here.

For his review on the SideKick 289 you can find it here.