A New Spin On an Antique Slot Machine: Restoration with the TAZ Pro Long Bed

LulzBot users continually showcase impressive projects highlighting the utility of 3D printing. A unique build like this antique slot machine restoration benefits from the technology, especially when original replacement parts have long since disappeared. When these original parts are no longer available, 3D printing offers a cost-effective and customizable solution. This success story shows how the TAZ Pro Long Bed's extended Y-axis was perfect for restoring this vintage slot machine's backlit title plate.

slot machine wide double.jpg

When faced with the challenge of replacing a legacy part, this dedicated user reverse-engineered and 3D printed the panel in roughly an hour. The Long Bed's capacity enabled it to be printed in one piece, significantly reducing post-processing time and hiding the lettering unless lit up from the back. This restoration not only brought the machine back to life but opened the user's eyes to the opportunities with the TAZ Pro Long Bed to revive other similar kiosks, from pinball machines to jukeboxes!


They look forward to breathing new life into even more machines in the future, aided by 3D printing! This application was a great testament to the endless applications for 3D printing. If you're contemplating a unique DIY project, there is a LulzBot model perfect for you. Reach out to our team to discuss the best model for your needs today!

LongBed_SmallPhoto_100x100.jpgPrinter Used: LulzBot TAZ Pro Long Bed 

Filament_Small_100x100.jpg Filament Used: Polymaker Polylite PLA 3mm