TAZ SideKick 289 Awarded as Best Upgrade Printer from ALL3DP

Don’t think you have enough space for a 3d printer? LulzBot’s TAZ Sidekick is out to prove you wrong! The TAZ SideKick was recently picked by ALL3DP, The World's #1 Magazine for the Digital Maker, as the Top Upgrade Pick for the entire small/portable 3D printer category!


The LulzBot TAZ SideKick 289, photo by ALL3DP

ALL3DP’s review team conducted an evaluation of the current state of compact desktop 3D printers on the market and ranked which printers in multiple categories based on price, build volume, filament capabilities, amongst other criteria. One of the highlights on the TAZ SideKick that impressed ALL3DP was its portability.

“It does away with the jutting and protuberances you typically get when trying to move a 3D printer around. Nothing else comes close.”

Beyond the portability of the SideKick, it also outperformed the other printers in the guide when it comes to using engineer-grade filaments. On top of that the TAZ SideKick also features the best modularity meaning you are able to upgrade / replace / add specific parts (tool heads, filament sensors, display controllers, etc) easily without having to reassemble your printer.

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