The LulzBot TAZ Pro/Workhorse Magnetic Flex Bed v2 is now Available

LulzBot® has launched the new LulzBot TAZ Pro/Workhorse Magnetic Flex Bed v2!

The new magnetic flex bed system boasts an impressive -/+0.1mm flatness across the 300mm of surface. Version 1 of the TAZ Pro/Workhorse Magnetic Flex Bed had 25 neodymium magnets, this number has now increased to 29. The additional magnets ensure that an even distribution of magnetic force is laid across the entirety of the bed surface, leaving no room for any hills or valleys to develop on the flex sheet. Owners of the legacy LulzBot TAZ 6 can also take advantage of this system and upgrade their bed surface with a TAZ Etched Modular Print Bed Heater, available in the LulzBot store.

This new product features a blue spring steel flexible top sheet and TPU grips for ease of handling. This flexible top sheet comes standard with the same high quality PEI laminate used on all LulzBot desktop 3D printers. The TPU grips on the front of the flexible sheet make handling much easier whether warm or cold, and aids in realigning the surface when replacing the print surface. The LulzBot TAZ Pro/Workhorse Magnetic Flex Bed v2 utilizes special high-temperature neodymium magnets. These magnets can be heated to 140C° for extended durations of time without losing any of their magnetic field strength, unlike most standard print bed magnets which start losing their magnetic properties at 100C°.

The LulzBot TAZ Pro/Workhorse Magnetic Flex bed v2 is made and machined in the USA, with a focus on local and regional supply chains providing customers with fast deliveries.