Red TPU Decking the Halls

Establish A New Tradition This Holiday Season!
The best time of year to sit down and craft together has to be the holiday season! This year, we wanted to break away from the Christmas crafting stand bys of strings of popcorn and painted globe ornaments. 3D printing custom stamps from TPU material has been a popular application for LulzBots, there’s even a whole LulzLesson on designing your own, but how could you take that further? One way is creating your own stamping template which can be enjoyed by the whole family!

wide image 1.jpg

One Stamp, Unlimited Possibilities!
A 3D printed stamping template is reusable, so making hundreds of ornaments is no problem! Yes, you could just print off something from the internet but where’s the fun in that? With 3D printing and papercraft, your design possibilities become limitless! You can create stamps of various shapes and sizes: round ones, square ones, and even the intricate diamond shape used here. After printing, we used ink, paper and scissors to prep the ornament. Then we finished with stick glue and thread to hold it together, even sneaking a few pieces of candy in!

wide image 2.jpg

3D Printed Ornaments and Designs Hung with Care
Instead of gathering around the fireplace, your family might crowd around the 3D printer this year, excited to start a new tradition together. If you are the resident 3D expert in your household or office, this is a great chance to share your passion with everyone else in your life.


Did you end up 3D printing something special with your family this year? Make sure to tag us in your photos on social media. We love seeing what you and your LulzBot create!

LulzBot_SideKick747_100x100.jpg Printer Used : TAZ SideKick 747

Filament_Small_100x100.jpg Filament Used : NinjaFlex 85A TPU 2.85mm

Download_Icon_Scaled_For_Spacing.pngSTL File - Free Download : TPU Holiday Stamping Template