Whether you're a STEM Educator, CNC Operator, Small Business Owner, Armed Forces, or Professional Artist:

LulzBot has the right 3D printers for you.

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Our legendary 3D printers have found their calling everywhere from elementary school classrooms to space exploration labs. Let's find your LulzBot's purpose today!


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Let us demonstrate the incredible geometries and functional designs possible with a LulzBot 3D printer firsthand. We are confident that our machine's ability to produce useful prints will have you choosing LulzBot for all your applications.

In the News

TheFirstLayer Gives Positive Review of the SideKick!

Thinking about adding a SideKick to your workbench, but want to learn a little more about it? Today is your lucky day! Richard Cleveland over at TheFirstLayer YouTube channel recently gave an in-depth review of the LulzBot TAZ SideKick 747’s many features and value propositions.

A soldier using a LulzBot 3D printer

MatterHackers forms CRADA with Naval Information Warfare Center

The Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) has entered into a CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement) with South-California based, LulzBot reseller MatterHackers to provide use cases to collect data on effective, low-cost, expeditionary 3D printing.

A planting tractor on a farm field

Ehlers Family Farms: A Seed Plot Solution with 3D Printing

In agriculture it's common to test out a variety of seeds with your soil before determining which to plant. Planting Seed Plots is an excellent way to compare multiple varieties of seed for the next growing season. Problem is, most modern machinery has been optimized for planting one or two varieties at a time, leaving seed plots to be planted with outdated equipment in many cases, which can be very inefficient.


Boost Your STEAM Engagement This Year

It’s that time of year when educators and students return to school, opening doors to new opportunities and fresh lessons. LulzBot’s educational specialists are here with valuable experience to ensure your 3D printing setup is a success!


TAZ SideKick 289 Awarded as Best Upgrade Printer from ALL3DP

Don’t think you have enough space for a 3d printer? LulzBot’s TAZ Sidekick is out to prove you wrong! The TAZ SideKick was recently picked by ALL3DP, The World's #1 Magazine for the Digital Maker, as the Top Upgrade Pick for the entire small/portable 3D printer category!


Better First Layers on Your TAZ SideKick

If you want to get the perfect first layer you need to make sure that your BLTouch has the proper z-offset tuned. To do this you need to follow the steps of calibrating using the Z-Offset Wizard, a feature that can be found on all LulzBot TAZ SideKicks.

the LulzBot Bio 3D bioprinter

3D Printing Industry Gives the LulzBot Bio a Fresh Review

The 3D Printing Industry, a dedicated news resource in all things 3D printing, went through a LulzBot Bio 3D bioprinter recently and was able to give it a thorough inspection and run down.