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Case Study - 07/07/17

Revolutionary Marketing With 3D Printing

The team at System76 sport their “Guy Tux” masks as part of their Fourth of July promotion. [Full Image]With little margin for error in the... Full Article
Case Study - 06/29/17

The Artist and 3D Printers Behind the Masks

Landon Meier, president and creator at Hyperflesh, likes the nightmarish juxtaposition of face and body. With LulzBot 3D Printers, he has b... Full Article
Case Study - 06/20/17

3D Printing Enables Captivating Metal Sculptures

Sculptor Julian Voss-Andreae poses with his latest sculpture, to be installed outside Georgia Tech’s new Engineered Biosystems Building. [F... Full Article
Case Study - 05/31/17

Velasco Elementary: Bilingual Learning With 3D Printing

A student uses Text to Speech technology with 3D printed Spanish syllables. [Full Image]As educators search for ways to solve old problems ... Full Article
Case Study - 02/02/17

MotoMinded LLC: Rapid Production Thanks to 3D Printing

The KTM 690 Rally Kit, pictured here on a dirt bike, is an ABS plastic product that is lightweight and rugged. [Full Image]Entrepreneurs li... Full Article
Case Study - 12/02/16

Blender Institute: A Leader in 3D Creation

Andy Goralczyk, art director at the Blender Institute, works on the Agent 327 animation project. [Full Image]Whether animating films or hos... Full Article
Case Study - 10/31/16

FutureHear: 3D Printed Life-Changing Ear Prosthetics

FutureHear's goal is to change people's lives by providing personalized prosthetics. Thanks to 3D printing, this project out of Brisbane, Q... Full Article
Case Study - 10/19/16

KillaJoule: Record-Setting Electric Motorcycle Speeds Ahead With 3D Printing

Dr. Eva Håkansson wants you to know the power of electric vehicles. She is proving it by setting world records with her custom-built electr... Full Article
Case Study - 09/19/16

The WYNG: From Photography Problem to 3D Printed Retail-Ready Solution

Mathew Sutor wrestles with fast-paced movement and harsh lighting when capturing the perfect moments during his clients' weddings and event... Full Article
Case Study - 09/01/16

Bindi Smalls: Cosplaying With the Help of 3D Printing

Cosplayers and prop makers throughout the United States are busy preparing for Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Bindi Smalls and her ar... Full Article
Case Study - 08/15/16

Lucile Erwin Middle School: Fostering Design Thinking in Education With 3D Printing

Education is evolving. Increasingly, students have access to a world of information at their fingertips, meaning educators' role in teachin... Full Article
Case Study - 08/08/16

Viget: 3D Printing Olympic-Scale Prototypes

Viget's hardware services team uses desktop 3D printing to go from ideas, to working Olympic-scale prototypes for their clients. Viget, a U... Full Article
Case Study - 03/09/16

Verterra Energy, Inc.: The Power of Hydropower

For communities vulnerable to unreliable electricity, a solution could come soon from Minneapolis-based Verterra Energy. The company is usi... Full Article
Case Study - 02/29/16

The Cluster: 3D Printers Printing 3D Printers

With 140 3D printers and more than 100 hours of operation per week, the Cluster at Aleph Objects, Inc. in Loveland, Colorado, USA is made u... Full Article
Case Study - 02/01/16

Loveland CreatorSpace: Come for the Tools, Stay for the People

Creativity, collaboration, and connections all thrive within a hackerspace, and Loveland CreatorSpace (LCS), a nonprofit in Loveland, Color... Full Article